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BLACKFIN HARD BOARD - MODEL SX (dual cargo area with bungee)

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About this Paddle Board

The BLACKFIN Model SX is our first performance, Hard Board. Standing 10’6″, the SX is designed for novice to intermediate skill level riders, providing a stable, smooth ride. The 32″ of width provides good stability for calm or choppy waters, while still maintaining a fast design to glide through the water with minimal drag. Great for the rider who is looking for extra stability while maintaining performance. This board is also equipped with a front and rear cargo bungee area for storage, an ultra-comfortable logo stamped deckpad, a dual sided center carry handle as well as side rail clips for our signature carry strap, for easy transport. We have also added a center console dry box / cup holder for your valuables or beverages on those hot sunny days and built in kayak seat clips for our kayak bundles. An all-around great board for anyone looking to advance their SUP skills to the next level and enjoy the same quality construction that is consistent with the BLACKFIN brand.







Tail Width



Stability 80
Manueverability 80
Speed 90
Surf 90


  • PADDLE: BLACKFIN SX comes with a carbon fiber shaft paddle. Carbon fiber paddles are not only lighter, making long paddle boarding trips easier; but also stiffer and stronger for those tougher water conditions.
  • D-RINGS: 6 D-rings on the board used for securing personal items or towing and most importantly- attaching the SUP to KAYAK Conversion Kit
  • FINS: All 3 fins are removable allowing multiple configurations for various water depths and conditions as well as enabling your board to roll up easier and more compact.
  • COMFORT: Extra comfy EVA deck pad- keeps your feet from getting sore and can double as a yoga mat!
  • DURABILITY: BlackRock Construction is a very strong and highly durable construction method that allows for light weight hard board that is built to resist dents dings and chips. Our BlackRock construction method consists of a high-density foam core wrapped with a single layer fiberglass inner shell and 6 layers of Kevlar reinforcement in the Nose and Tail areas. Additionally, the board is completely encased in a 1.3mm Poly Carbonate ABS outer shell forming a solid, highly rigid, and ultra-durable composite hard board.

Board Specs 

Height: 10’6”

Width: 32”

Weight: 32lbs

Thickness: 4.5”

Composition: BlackRock Construction encased in a 1.3mm Poly Carbonate ABS outer shell

Tail Width:11”

Weight limit: 250lbs

Volume: 233L

Cargo Area: 1

Accessories Specs 

Leash Length: 10’ 

Paddle Length/weight: 72” to 86”/28.8oz

Paddle Composition: Carbon Matte 3-piece Paddle with Nylon Blade

Fins: 3 Removable Fins (1 Center Fin and 2 Side Fins)

Total Package Weight: 42 lbs/132x36x7

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