If you’re into iSUP and also into boxing, then we have good news for you. It’s called iSUP boxing, and it’s way more awesome than boxing in a sweaty gym. So grab your iROCKER and some boxing gloves, and climb on board for some serious fun.

With more and more people joining the iSUP movement, and more and more people looking for cross-training possibilities, iSUP boxing has entered the scene and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

Most guys enjoy throwing on the gloves and getting a good boxing match going for some Saturday afternoon fun. That’s probably where the idea of iSUP boxing originated. But iSUP boxing isn’t just for guys or just for Saturday afternoons.

Planning Makes iSUP Boxing Fun

The best way to approach iSUP boxing is to make it fun. After all, we’re talking about a pretty tough challenge so the more you can weave in some fun, the better.

Get a group of five or so SUP buddies and find a not-so-crowded spot somewhere on calm water. Create a tournament, rules of the match, and pick a judge to decide the last guy (or girl) standing.

Once everyone gets the hang of the iSUP boxing challenge, you can up the competition over several weeks, picking new waterways and increasing the difficulty level with more difficult water. Think calm lakes to get the hang of things, then increasing the challenge to moving waterways like Florida’s intracoastal, or even the surf.

Don’t be surprised if from time to time, the competitive aspect can cause some tempers to flare or egos to bruise, but with friends, that should never be an issue. You’ll definitely get more belly laughs than frowns.

Note: Boxing while keeping your balance on a stand up paddle board is not easy. It’s a blast, though!

Pack a picnic. Every activity with friends ends with smiles over good food and conversation. Besides, you’re going to burn calories and work up an appetite, so you might as well plan ahead.

Pics also add to the fun because memories are fun. Everyone could wear their own GoPro to catch all the action from their own point of view. Even better, think about sending a drone up to catch the action from above.

If you don’t have GoPros or a drone, find a friend to film from their own iROCKER or from the shore. It’s worth the effort! Watching the hits and the spills is great entertainment no matter who you are.

Plus, we LOVE pics and vids of our iROCKER fans having fun on their SUP’s. Please use the fields below to send us yours.