It’s time to say goodbye to lazy beach days, fun summer nights and relaxing mornings. But wait, it doesn’t have to be! School might be back in session, but that doesn’t have to mean the end of stand up paddle boarding. Balancing the back to school busy-ness with laid-back SUPing comes down to reliable gear and expert time management. Take a look at iROCKER’S tried-and-true strategies on how to best transition from a summer of SUP to a fall of work and fun.

Deep Clean Your Board and Gear to Avoid Frustration

There’s simply no time for faulty SUP gear when you hit the water during the school year. It’s important to keep things on track when you carve out time for fitness between your commitments.

The best way to prep your paddle board and SUP gear for next season is with a thorough clean.

Cleaning your gear should serve two purposes. On one hand, everything should look and feel new when you finish. On the other, it’s important to use that time to look for any signs of wear and tear. If you notice any damages, it’s likely time for an upgrade.

When you check your gear for damage, we recommend you focus on the fins and the paddle. While the military-grade materials we use for our boards is resistant to dings and dents, the fins and blades may be more susceptible to dings and debris.

While iROCKER and BLACKFIN boards are the best-made SUPs you can find, mistreatment and years of use can lead to minor issues.

If you do notice any issues with your equipment, upgrading is easy. Head to the iROCKER online store to purchase any individual part you might need. If your paddle is the problem, upgrade to a three-piece adjustable fiberglass paddle.

Other great upgrades include an electric SUP pump and a premium ankle leash.

Tip: Think ahead to your holiday list so your loved ones know exactly what will make you smile.

Adjust Your Schedule to Make Time for SUPing

Back To School Paddle Boarding

Let’s face it, what could be more important than some quiet time on the open water? School might fill your brain, but paddle boarding fills your soul. If you have a standard seven-hour school day, it might seem difficult to carve out time for relaxation. Trust us, it’s totally possible.

Even people who work 100 hours a week can make time for a little fun. If you’re in the mood for a quick cruise down the coastline, all you need is an hour. People with traditional schedules have three options — a sunrise session, quick lunch break or sunset SUPing. All are great, but each has its benefits.

If you opt for an early morning paddle board sesh, it’s important to obey your alarm clock. Those prone to pressing the snooze button should probably stick to the afternoon or evening. Efficiency is the name of the game if you want to skip lunch and hit the water instead. Have your board inflated, bag packed and make sure your school is close to the water. Most people choose to fit in their workout after school and work, which makes sunset paddling the favorite option. We couldn’t think of a more perfect way to end a busy day.

Invest in Gear to Make the Most of Your Busy Schedule

The school year is simply way more hectic than the summer months. More responsibility, more commitments, more stressors, more everything. That’s why every minute of the time you spend relaxing is important.

One of the best ways to get in the right headspace on the water is to mix up your routine with aqua yoga or SUP kayaking. Traditional paddle boarding on an iROCKER is still our favorite, but it’s always fun to develop a new skill.

If you’re interested in taking your yoga skills to the open water, all you need is the right board and a little practice.

Check out the iROCKER CRUISER if you’re in the market for a board built for yoga. It strikes the perfect balance between length and width to help with your downward dogs and headstands.

SUP kayaking is a whole different beast. iROCKER and BLACKFIN boards seamlessly convert into a fully functional kayak within minutes. Invest in a kayak conversion kit and check out this guide to be kayaking in no time.

Other great additions to any day on the water include a GoPro camera mount, an inflatable belt pack and a cooler deck bag. Take pictures, store your stuff and drink a beer all at the same time. Life on the water has never been easier (or better.)

Best Paddle Boarding Gear
Yoga on a Paddle Board | iROCKER SUP
iROCKER Cruiser Orange
BLACKFIN Roller Travel Back Pack

iROCKER has Everything You Need for Back to School Paddle Boarding

We might not have notebooks or school clothes, but we certainly have boards and back packs. The typical stress of heading back to class can be countered with just a couple hours a week on your paddle board.

A full schedule is just no excuse to skip your workout. Countless research articles prove regular exercise and self-care is crucial to brain function and overall happiness. When the facts are that strong, paddle boarding should be made a priority.

Do you have any tips on how to best balance school/work life with fitness and hobbies? We want to hear what you have to say! Reach out to us on Instagram or Facebook so we can share your good advice with the iROCKER community, or use the fields below to get in touch.