This is for the adventurous thrill-seekers out there. You know, the type of SUP-er who doesn’t mind going out on a limb to have some fun with your stand up paddle board.

You’re our favorite kind of people!

Don’t get us wrong. We are firm believers that everyone can learn (and love) to SUP, especially on an iROCKER. From newbie beginner to tried and true expert, we work hard to build the right board for you.

We know there are many different stand up paddle boarding adventures that provide low key fun and exercise. Yoga, pilates, raft-ups and the like are great for you zen types.

But for the thrill-seekers, there’s some high-octane fun to be found if you look for it. Think whitewater SUP, racing, obstacle courses and our favorite, SUP surfing.

So for those of you who are simply craving a full-on SUP adventure, this blog is for you.

Whitewater SUP-ing

Whitewater rafting has been been around a long time, and it’s a favorite for adventure-seeking water enthusiasts. The United States, in particular, offers some of the finest whitewater rivers anywhere in the world, on both coasts and everywhere in between.

So what about whitewater SUP-ing? Now we’re talking!

If you want a thrilling ride, grab your iROCKER and head out for a whitewater SUP adventure. You’ll love it!

A good tactic to whitewater SUP-ing is to use the right board. There are two ways to go with this: slow and safe or fast and furious. Since you’re reading this, we’re guessing you’re the fast and furious type. If you are, then the iRocker Sport is your board. It’s slim, sleek, stable and fast. You’ll be able to take turns on a whim and race down at high speeds.

But if you’re secretly hoping to play it safe your first time out, then you might consider the iROCKER All-Around instead. With this board, you have a wider body which will give you more stability in the rapids. You won’t necessarily whip around tight turns like a ninja, but you will be able to control your speed to your comfort level.

If Salt Water is Your Thing, Let’s Talk Big Waves

If you’re a saltwater cowboy or cowgirl, we know we’re not going to get you out of the surf. We get it! So for some amped-up SUP fun in the sea, you’re going to want to try SUP surfing. And don’t go small here. Head to the Pacific for the big waves to satiate your thrill-seeking appetite.

We happen to LOVE the Banzai Pipeline in Hawaii and Mavericks in Cali. Long thought of as serious surf breaks (and they are), these are killer spots for high-adventure SUP surfing.

Riding waves at spots like these can be dangerous, so you need to know what you’re doing. Always SUP with a buddy, and be prepared with the right gear. The perfect board for the big waves is the iROCKER Sport.

Big breaks also require expert SUP skills, and it certainly helps if you bring a whole lot of surfing experience to the game as well.

Finally, remember to wear your GoPro so you can capture your own perfect SUP surf moments. Then, when you’re back on land, send them to us using the fields below. And if you have your own favorite SUP surf spot you’d like to recommend, tell us about it. We might want to try it out ourselves.