Simple answer? It is not hard to paddle board! Paddle boarding is for everybody, and we really mean that. If you’re looking for a fun hobby to kickstart your summer, it’s as simple as investing in your first paddle board.

Look no further than iRocker and BLACKFIN for that first paddle board. The right board and a little guidance will have you exploring your local waterways in no time. We’re here with your simple guide on how to hop on your board and hit the water for the very first time.

Keep it Simple and Start on the Sand

The most important part of the SUP experience is learning how to pop up on the paddle board. If you don’t learn how to stand up, the rest of the motions don’t even matter.

The easiest place to hone your balance skills is on a solid surface (but first, remove the iRocker fins). That’s where the coastline comes in.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to stand up on your SUP:

1. Begin on your knees with your hands gripping the paddle as it rests on the board. When the board feels stable under your body, move one foot at a time to lift yourself into a crouching position.
2. Pick up the paddle and slowly raise your body into a wide standing position. Begin with your chest then extend your knees.
3. Extend the paddle straight in front of you to gain your balance before pushing the blade into the water.

Hey look, you’re a pro now! Take your expertise from land to water for a real test. The motion of the ocean will force your abdominals and hamstrings to kick it into gear.

Just a few minutes of SUPing through the water will quickly prove why paddle boarding is one of the best workouts on the planet.

Great Balance can Make or Break Your SUP Session

Just as important as a quality paddle board is your balance throughout currents, waves and wind.
If you have any experience with surfing, gymnastics, Pilates or another balance-challenge activity, this part will come naturally. Here are a few tips on how to stay on the board once you stand up:

1. Find a stance you love that also keeps you afloat.
 Aim for parallel feet centered between the front and back of your board. Slightly bend your knees, point your toes toward the nose of your board and keep your spine neutral.
2Set your sights straight ahead. If you stare at your feet, you’ll quickly end up soaked in the water. Your gaze should be on the horizon line the whole time you’re on your paddle board.

3. Put your hips into it. Keep your balance by shifting your weight between your hips as you move through the water. Want to change directions? Lean into the correlating leg as you move your paddle through the water.
4. Keep your feet feeling’s good. Tense toes and feet will exhaust your body quickly and affect your balance. Rock side to side once in awhile and wiggle your toes to keep yourself relaxed.

Learn to Launch Your Board Efficiently

Every great paddle board sesh starts with a streamlined launch from the shore.

The easiest way to get into the water with your board is from a natural beach (but a dock can get the job done, too). If your only option is the latter, here’s how to make it happen:

  1. Lower the board into the water nose first while you hold onto the leash.
  2. Sit down on the edge of the dock and place your feet toward the back of the crocodile-textured traction pad.
  3. Scoot to the edge at an angle so you can reach for your paddle board with one hand.
  4. Wiggle off the dock and work your knees onto your iRocker.
  5. You’ve made it to all fours! Great job. Push into your hands and lift yourself to a standing position.

The Right Gear Proves it’s not Hard to Paddle Board

A top-quality paddle board, streamlined paddle and a comfortable leash are the differences between an eh day and an aaahhh! day.

Every aspect of your paddle boarding experience is affected by the gear you choose. From the balance to the buoyancy, the best decision you can make is to invest in a great paddle board.

That’s where iRocker comes in. All iRocker and BLACKFIN boards are built with military-grade materials to ensure prime maneuverability and maximum durability.

We believe paddle boarding is a sport that should be done all around the globe. That’s why all of our boards easily deflate and roll into a travel backpack. Seriously, it’s that easy.

Find out which board is right for you! Hop onto live chat on the iRocker website to pick the paddle board that’s right for your height, weight, and lifestyle.

Have questions? The iRocker team is here to help. Reach out to our crew to learn more about our two-year warranty, free shipping, 30-day guarantee and so much more.

And hey, once you get the hang of your new board, snap some pics and send them to us in the comments. We’ll celebrate with you!