Unless you’re totally new to stand up paddle boarding, you’re probably a seasoned pro at inflating your board. That’s good! But what if you could save a whole bunch of time every time you inflate and deflate? Well, you can! We’re here today with the lowdown on all of the high points of the iROCKER electric SUP pump and we think you’ll like what we have to say.
An electric pump is not only a time-saver, it’s a huge energy-saver, too. In fact, this 12V pump is hands-down the fastest and most energy-efficient way to get in more stand up paddle boarding and less pumping.
In today’s post, we’re going to talk about all the ways the iROCKER electric pump can save your time and your arms, giving you more time and energy for paddling instead of pumping.

Ease of Use and Time Needed to Fully Inflate Your Paddle Board

iROCKER’s 12V pump is the perfect solution for savvy paddlers who value their time and their energy. If that’s you, then read on. There’s a lot to know about this powerful machine.
As you know, the iROCKER team is literally obsessed with all things SUP. Where to SUP, how to SUP, getting creative with your SUP. You name it — if it can be done on a SUP, we’re into it.
So logically, since SUP-ing and not pumping is our favorite subject, saving time and energy for SUPing is a top goal.
This is why we created a 12V electric SUP pump that is lightweight, easy to use, durable, effective and affordable.
With this pump, your paddle board can be fully inflated and ready for the water in under 10 minutes. When you’re finished for the day, you can have your board deflated and packed away in a few minutes more.
Of course, ease of use was a key factor when we were designing our electric pump. Once you know your desired PSI, set it and let the pump do the hard work.
Tip: If you don’t know your desired PSI, learn more about our recommendations here.

How to Use Our 12V Electric SUP Pump

Like we said, using the electric pump is easy! Still, it’s important to know how things work so you can get maximum life out of your investment. Here’s a simple guide for inflating your IROCKER or BLACKFIN paddle board.
Step 1:Connect your pump to your vehicle’s cigarette lighter or a 12V battery. Note: we really like having a 12V battery at the ready.
Step 2: Set your preferred PSI somewhere between 15 and 23 (if you don’t already know your perfect PSI). To do this, use the LCD display screen on the pump.
Step 3: Use the convenient inflation hose to connect your pump to your paddle board. It’s incredibly simple!
Step 4: Press the power button and then relax (or stretch, or snap a pic or whatever).

IROCKER 12V Electric SUP Pump | SUP Gear
iROCKER 12V Electric SUP Pump

Step 5: Once you hit the ideal PSI, unclasp the hose and get moving. Easy breezy, and all in less than 10 minutes! We designed the 12V electric pump to be simple to use, fast and affordable. So affordable, in fact, we think it’s the perfect holiday gift for the paddle boarder on your list.

Understanding the Parts of Your Electric Pump

The iROCKER electric pump is simple, yes, and it’s also powerful. Understanding the parts of your pump is helpful for extending the life of your pump.
Here’s some helpful information about the key parts of the iROCKER electric pump:
114″ (9’5″) cigarette lighter power cord:
This small but mighty piece of equipment is how you make your car your the pump’s power source. Insert the available end into the cigarette lighter to allow power to flow through the pump. If you don’t have a cigarette lighter or a car, then read on.
12V battery alligator clips:
The pump also comes equipped with “alligator clips” that can connect to the positive and negative terminals of a basic 12V battery. We LOVE this feature! You may not own a car or even want your car when you’re out for a paddle. If that’s you, then a small investment into a mobile 12V battery is a great idea.
42″ (3.5′) inflation hose:
The inflation hose is designed specifically to fit all iROCKER and BLACKFIN boards. You’ll simply connect one end of the hose to your board and the other end to your electric pump.

IROCKER SUP Gear | Electric SUP Pump
Our Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

As simple as the electric pump is, we understand you might have questions. You’re not alone!
Check out our FAQs to learn even more about iROCKER boards and our wonderful little electric pump. If you still have questions, let us know. Here are some from our paddle board community:

What is the recommended PSI for a fully inflated paddle board?
Our recommended minimum PSI for an inflatable paddle board is 14, and the maximum is 23. Your pump will start to register a pressure reading at around 7 PSI, so don’t worry about not seeing an initial reading when you first use your electric pump.

Can I keep my board inflated while not in use?
Of course you can, and almost everyone on our team does except when traveling. We even keep our display and demo boards inflated for several months for convenience.
Tip: Excess sunlight for prolonged periods can cause over-expansion. To avoid this problem, never store a fully inflated board in a hot or sunny location.

Does my 12V electric SUP pump come with a warranty?
You know we’re big on good warranties! Our one-year manufacturer’s warranty covers the pump and its parts, except for normal wear and tear. And remember, all iROCKER and BLACKFIN boards come with a two-year warranty.

Why iROCKER’s 12V Electric SUP Pump is Perfect for You

An electric pump is a great gift for every SUP enthusiast. If you’re thinking ahead to holiday shopping, this is your solution!
Don’t forget about yourself, though. You, too, deserve an electric SUP pump!
If you already have the 12V SUP pump and get one soon, please tell us how you like it (and how it’s changed your SUP life). We love your stories! Use the form below to get in touch, shoot us new questions, or share your pics and vids.