We keep getting calls from people who want an iSUP where they can take their kids, the family dog and more out for an afternoon. Who said a Stand-Up Paddle Board was meant for just one (or maybe two) riders. We listened, and we reacted, check out our website and feast your eyes on our new MULTI BOARD, paddle board BIG BLUE. iSUP has just become a family sport, brought to your by iRocker SUP the people pleasers.

 We are offering you the rigid and comfortable iRocker Multi-Board. No matter where you go, if there is water we got you covered. Now when you want to spend time with your loved ones – paddling through the nearby lakes or rivers, enjoying a sunrise, or into the sea or marine waters across the USA or all around the world, you can do it safe and cool with an iRocker FAMILY inflatable paddle board, BIG BLUE.

 Like all our inflatables the Multi-Board is made up of 4 layers of protection and 8” thick, developed with the best of quality materials. The board is also equipped with cargo areas for those things you want to bring with you for the ride (we have not tried a full-sized Bar B Que but if you do try, please take a picture and send it this way ßKidding. There are 16 neoprene handles on both sides, two fiberglass paddles and your choice of two iRocker dual chamber triple action hand pumps or one electric SUP pump. It also has four permanently fixed side fins and one removable flip lock center fin to handle choppy waters for the best overall performance.

 The days of paddling your SUP together with someone else on another board has ended. BIG BLUE, MAKING SUPING A FAMILY SPORT. Check us out today…

 We would seriously like to hear your feedback if you are riding BIG BLUE or what you think about our oversized baby. Newly delivered this month. Thanks