Every year Jacksonville Florida holds multiple beach clean-up days www.keepjaxbeachclean.com and every time there is an event you will find Steven and David, the owners of iRocker SUP out on the beach with bucket in hand picking up trash, seaweed and more. Being part of the community has meant a lot to both boys.

Jacksonville Florida is where they started their business iRocker SUP and it is still in the same community today. Speaking to Steven (last name) he remarked, “Our first customers came off the same sand we are out there cleaning”. It is the same beach that Steven bring his wife and kids to play and paddle board and the same for David (he shows up with a beautiful lady by his side on the weekends. With iRocker SUP’s in hand they brave the waves and ocean surf have just as much as the very first time they tried Stand-up Paddle Boarding.

This is not the only community event the owners show up to participate each year, but they admit this is the one that tends to have the most meaning since this is where iRockerSUP.com first showed their now internationally famous blue and white colors. We believe this is a fantastic event allowing all of Jacksonville citizens the opportunity to get out and spend quality time together.

iRocker SUP builds one for the finest Stand-up Paddle Boards available for sale today. Their boards are made to last, always look good and priced to fit the average citizens wallet. Along with the quality, workmanship and fantastic warranty www.irockersup.com always has one additional thing they say with every board they make, MADE IN JACKSONVILLE.

Please help iRocker help the community and keep your eyes open for the next Jax Beach Clean-up Event. To make sure you do not forget and are always notified please sign up on our mailing list and we will let you know when it is time to join the community, have some fun and play while doing a good thing for Jacksonville.