There’s no question anymore about the increasing popularity of stand up paddle boarding. What’s interesting is the still-lingering talk about whether it really is the best water exercise out there. You know where we stand on this: heck, yes, it is!

Numbers speak for themselves and the numbers are favoring iSUP for total wellness over swimming, surfing, running and biking. If one of those is your go-to sport, don’t freak out! We understand how personal preference, habit and budget could keep a die-hard non-SUPer off the board.

So here’s a challenge: what if you tried SUP and loved it?

This blog is for you die-hard non-SUPers to see if we can convince you to round out your current outdoor exercise routine with some fun iSUP cross-training.

A Note to the Surfers

Surfing is practically a religion for those who catch the surf bug. If you’re a surfer, you know (and your body probably illustrates the evidence) that surfing is a healthy water sport. It’s great for all-around health, burning calories and catching plenty of vitamins Sea and D.

On average, a surfer will burn around 515 calories in an hour if they’re catching continuous waves. They’ll have strong legs and a strong core, and a glistening tan to show off well-toned muscles.

We agree on this one!

A Note to the Runners

Running is the ultimate individual and group sport. Rain or shine, cold weather and hot, running is one of those things you can do every day, alone or with a buddy (or several hundred fellow runners).

For convenience, running is hard to beat. Very little equipment is required, and you can run just about anywhere, at any time of day. Running is also great for all ages, and on average, a runner can burn up to 650 calories in an hour.

But what about if you’re injured? Well, running doesn’t work so well with a sprained ankle, or post-surgery. Running also is a hard-impact sport, and takes a toll on joints, especially over time.

A Note to the Cyclists

The baby boomer generation gave mega-life to cycling and today, it’s one of the most popular outdoor activities around the globe. Once bikes made their mass appearance, there was a rush to getting on that fad and the fad hasn’t gone anywhere.

City planners around the globe now make development decisions around safe bike lanes and even public access to bike rentals.

An average biker can burn about 500 calories in an hour.

Bicycling, compared to SUP, does have some disadvantages. For one, it’s equipment-intensive. To do cycling right, you need the right bike for your body and your type of cycling. You also need the right clothes, the right location and appropriate safety equipment.

And if you’re injured, you’ll be sidelined for a while. If you’re injured while cycling, the results can be catastrophic, as many drivers simply don’t pay enough attention to keep cyclists safe on the road.

We’re not bashing biking. Not at all! We’re simply gearing up to make a case for trying SUP if you’re in love with any other outdoor sport.

The Case for Stand Up Paddle Boarding

There are many reasons an outdoor sports lover might try SUP. If you live relatively near any body of water, from the ocean to lakes, streams or even a pond, you have the opportunity to add SUP to your list.

If you have any kind of injury you’re nursing, or a health reason to get in shape with low impact, SUP is perfect for you.

If you have a fitness goal like losing weight, building your core, improving body balance, being more active more often, then SUP is for you.

True, there’s some equipment required. Like all sports, your equipment will make a big difference in your pleasure and safety factors. Fortunately, the up-front cost to get started with SUP is quite low. Our favorite iROCKER starter package is just $649 and includes literally everything you need for fun, safe, body-toning fun.

Just how many calories will you burn in a SUP sesh? Depending on how quickly you pick it up, you can expect to burn 400-to-up to 800 calories in an hour, with zero impact except and occasional splash in the water, and that’s just another benefit of SUP.

SUP is good for soulo exercise and group fun. It’s great for a first date, study session, daily routine, overall health and even festival hopping.

If it sounds great, it is! Are you up for our SUP challenge? We dare you to give SUP a try and let us know if you don’t love it. Of course, we know you will! Please use the fields below to tell us all about your first SUP experience.