I get out on my iROCKER stand up paddle board pretty much every day. Bad weather usually doesn’t keep me away unless it’s really rough and ridiculously cold.

Other “obligations” usually won’t keep me off the water, either. Not a work emergency or a sniffle or a car problem. I know my priorities!

But every so often, the weather really stinks. Bad chop, high winds, icy rain, misery.

When it gets like this, which is fortunately rare, I might actually take a day off for errands or  cleaning or some other dull but necessary chore (or a Netflix binge-fest).

Tuesday was almost one of those days. I woke up to frost all over my car, (frost in March!) and wind straight out of Chicago. The skies were gray and foggy, and I basically wanted to build a fire and go back to bed.

An hour later, cold, hard, rain was pounding on my tin roof.

This was so not an ideal SUP day and besides, I was still in pj’s and the coffee wasn’t ready.

But thanks to my awesome board buddy, who showed up on time and pulled me off the couch, I got dressed and dragged myself to the water. (Also, the fact that I could inflate my iROCKER so easily was another incentive.)

As it turns out, Tuesday was, without question, the best SUP day ever. And considering I go stand up paddle boarding almost every day, that’s saying a lot.

True, the weather was bad to start but it got better. By the time I was bundled up and on the water, the rain had stopped, the fog had cleared and the sun was out. Talk about a sign!

I geared up like it was January all over again because I knew my wetsuit wasn’t going to keep me warm today. Neoprene booties and hat, gloves, the whole winter outfit.

And then I looked out over the water. No one was there but us. Not one single other soul.

Have you ever in your life had the water entirely to yourself, with only the dolphins and the fish and the birds to keep you company? Until Tuesday, I hadn’t. Not even close.

All I can say is, “Wow!” The serenity of just my best friend and me on smooth water with no noise but the sound of our paddles through the water was, without question, the most beautiful experience I have ever had on my board.


I knew she was feeling the same way because normally, we don’t stop talking. We talk about everything from work drama to travel plans, recipes, the latest green smoothie trends, what to wear on Friday, and on and on. But not this day.

On Tuesday, we didn’t say a word through a solid hour of serene, soul-satisfying, paddling, and it was incredible.

At the end, we just looked at each and cracked up. How in the world did such a crummy weather day turn out to be the best day ever on my iROCKER SUP?

Have you ever had a totally quiet day on your iROCKER? If you have, we’d love to hear about it. We might even want to check out this special stand up paddle board spot of yours. Please tell us all about it in the comment fields below.