Stand-up paddle boarding isn’t just a niche reserved for small pockets of beach towns; it’s a popular sport that sweeps across the globe. SUP equipment and techniques constantly evolve, and the latest craze is performing a fitness routine while out on the water. You think squats are hard now? Try reaching a full-squat position while balancing your body weight on a paddle board. The incredible amount of calories you’ll burn (up to 500!) makes this challenging workout well worth it.

Start With a Sit-Up

Begin on the inflatable paddle board by lying on your back. (Sorry, it’s not nap time.) Keep your legs straight while you hover your paddle above your thighs. Use your abs to crunch your body into a sitting position. Rotate your torso as you use your paddle to push through the water. Continue this entire movement for three sets of 10, rotating sides.

Areas that benefit from this workout: Oblique’s, Abs, Back

Bring on the Booty

Now on your iRocker shoulder plant your feet on your width apart, and begin to lower yourself into a deep squat. When your thighs are parallel with the SUP, and your elbows rest on your knees, hold your paddle out in front of your body. Stay in this position while you use your tippy-toes to rise. Raise and lower your body for three sets of 10.

Areas that benefit from this workout: Abs, Butt, Shoulders, Legs

Say Yes to Side Push-Ups

Carefully on your Inflatable paddle board, lie on your side with your legs parallel in a bent position. Plant your left palm on your iRocker, in front of your chest. Cross your right arm to hold your left shoulder. Push your left hand onto the paddle board and lift your torso as much as you can. Lower back to the starting position, and repeat the lifting process for three sets of 10.

Areas that benefit from this workout: Abs, Chest, Oblique, Arms

All in for Arms

Hop off your paddle board to cool down from your sweaty workout! Now, back to business. Float on one side of your board and plant your hands together in the center of the iSUP. Push down on the board, lifting your body out of the water until your arms are fully straight. Slowly lower yourself back into the water, and repeat the simple life for three sets of 10.

Areas that benefit from this workout: Arms, Chest, Shoulders

Time to Twist

Sit with your back straight in the center of your stand-up paddleboard and your legs stretched in front of you. Hold the paddle parallel to your outstretched legs, then lean to the right side as far as you can without tipping the board. Immediately repeat this motion, rotating sides. Complete this exercise for three sets of 10.

Areas that benefit from this workout: Abs, oblique’s

Plank for Strength

Safely on your inflatable paddle board, position your body into a low plank, keeping your body raised on your elbows parallel to the iSUP. Keep your elbows under your shoulders and squeeze your core, while you raise your body up onto your hands. Lower your body to the original position and repeat for three sets of 10.

Areas that benefit from this workout: Arms, abs, shoulders, chest

Trust us; the workout isn’t going to be easy. The good news is, the burn will result in a sculpted beach bod! Next time you’re out on calm waters, use your iRocker to accelerate a basic gym workout with these muscle-toning moves.

If you like the EXERCISE PROGRAM feel free to send in questions about other exercises? We are beginning a new monthly iRocker “Get is Shape for the Summer” exercise program. Makes sense to us, have fun anytime you get to the water with your inflatable iRocker stand up paddle board and shape up along the way!!!!!