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Hey guys! My name is James Ramsay, I’m born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. I’m an ex-pro hockey player and self-taught cinematographer/photographer. I’m the owner of a company called which is a film and photography production company. In my spare time, I’m up at the boat on the St-Lawrence River in the 1000 Islands as well as spending some time volunteering at different animal sanctuaries as I’m a big believer in animal rights. I tried SUP’ing for the first time in 2019 and got hooked. As a photographer, I find SUP’ing can be a  good way to capture intimate and unique wildlife shots as well as get a great workout in a calming environment. After trying the Blackfin Athlete board I fell in love with the iRocker build quality, stability, and modular abilities these boards have. I’m very proud to be one of iRocker’s Canadian ambassadors as I believe in this company not only for their product but more importantly for what they stand for.

Name: James Ramsay
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