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Wildlife photographer, freediver & environmental scientist with a lifelong love of nature. Born and raised in Melbourne, attended university in Sydney, now based in Byron Bay. Over the last decade, I have dedicated myself to experiencing and discovering unique wildlife encounters. This pursuit has led me to many incredible places such as Kenya, South Africa, Namibia, Iceland, Costa Rica, Fiji, Sumatra, Azores, Vanuatu, Tonga, and more. During these wildlife experiences, one thing has always remained constant, and that’s connection. I strongly believe the difference between simply ‘ticking a box’ and having a life-changing experience, always comes down to connection. To understand the wildlife in front of me, to be able to interact and connect with it has always been the core of my philosophy. The difference between simply seeing a whale underwater compared to having one spin around you in joy that you’ve connected with is simply incomparable. This is why my guided encounters and photography focus on the connection above all else. Along with engaging wildlife to evoke powerful encounters and photography, I also possess a deep love for capturing the relationships between individual animals and uncovering their unique personalities. Each encounter I’ve been fortunate enough to have, whether that be with a humpback whale, an elephant, lion, bull shark, sperm whale, leatherback turtle, whale shark or simply a curious octopus, every single one has provided me with a snapshot into the life and personality of that unique individual, and left me in a blissful state of admiration for our natural world. No matter how often you encounter wildlife, nature has an infinite amount to teach us, all we have to do is learn how to listen and understand. This is a skill I have been working on for a lifetime, and a gift I’m passionate about passing on to others.

Name: Jono

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