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Hi! I’m Leigh and I’m an adventure seeker, currently living in Alaska and working as a helicopter pilot. I love to get out on in the Alaskan wilderness and you’ll often find me paddling around the Icebergs or glacier silt filled turquoise waters that Alaska is known for. I work a lot in the summer months flying very technical missions and very long days, so in the winter, I take off seeking warmer temperatures….and I bring my board with me! I love to do all the outdoor things…mountain biking, surfing, hiking, snowboarding and my newest passion is SUPing!!! I’ve also practiced yoga for many years, so it is a perfect combo to be able to practice SUP Yoga in beautiful remote places. Sometimes, I even get to combine my 3 favorite things and bring my SUP along in the helicopter for some Heli SUP Yoga!! This year I spent a month flying a helicopter from Alaska to Arizona with lots of adventures along the way…and yes, of course I brought my Model X Blackfin which fits perfectly in the baggage compartment of the helicopter. I shared the whole trip on my Instagram Stories and Highlighted them…check it out at @leighyogipilot and stay tuned for some Alaska desert adventures as well as the upcoming long flight home to Alaska!

Name: Leigh Coates

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