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My name is Rich Loftin. I am 48 years old and have always loved being outdoors. I am all about adventure and currently live in Valdez, Alaska, with my wife where adventure is readily available for those who are interested. We have three boys between the two of us and two of the three love the outdoors and adventures as well. What was it like to be growing up in Alaska as a kid?, I moved to Alaska when I was 12, and it was a big change for me coming from the Pacific Northwest where there was a much larger population. Summers were cooler, and winter’s reached down to -40 where we lived in Soldotna, AK. This led to a lot more time spent inside. What did you do for fun? Growing up as a kid in Alaska we did a lot of fishing on the rivers and lakes, dirtbike riding, BMX bike riding, played ice hockey, rode snowmobiles, and floated down the mighty Kenai river in rafts.

Name: Rich Loftin

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