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q: I need a replacement center fin – How can I get one?

Check out our Gear Page for the Fin you need – https://irockersup.com/gear/

q: Are the fins included?

Yes, all the fins are included in each board package and all fins are fully removable. The package comes with one center fin and two side fins. We sell river fins separately for those who plan to paddle in shallower waters. Boards bought in 2018 and earlier have permanent side fins.

q: Does it come with a paddle?

Yes, all 2020 iROCKER board packages come with a 3-piece adjustable carbon blend shaft paddle. 2020 Blackfin boards come with a 3-piece adjustable full carbon paddle. 2020 Nautical boards come with a 3-piece adjustable fiberglass paddle.

q: Can I get a discount if I buy multiple boards?

Yes, we do offer a two-board discount exclusively on iRockerSUP.com. If you want to purchase 5 or more boards please contact us for fleet pricing.

q: What is an action mount?

iRocker and Blackfin boards come with action mounting points which are small screws that allow for accessories to stay mounted on board. We sell accessories such as speakers, cup holders, camera mounts, phone mounts, rod holders and more! Check them out on the gear page.

q: Can I buy a board in store?

Sorry, we are an all online company which keeps our direct to consumer model costs low for you! We ship from various locations across the globe and shipping is free with a 60 day return. For 2020 products our shipping is fast, we reach 95% of the US/UK/EU addresses in 1-3 business days. Canada and Australia can expect 1-8 business days depending on location.

q: How much is shipping?

Shipping is free except for Hawaii, Alaska and APO.

q: I already have the accessories that come with the board, can I buy the board only?

Unfortunately, the boards are sold only as bundles and we cannot not take them apart to sell only part of a bundle.

q: Can I buy a gift card?

Sure thing! You can buy them on our website and the gift card code will be emailed to you. https://irockersup.com/product/gift-card/

q: Can I use the kayak bundle on this board?

Yes! The kayak bundle works on each of our boards (except for the Big Blue). The kayak seat attaches to the D rings which are located on the side of the boards.

q: Do you have military and healthcare worker discounts?

Yes, please email a picture of your military ID or Healthcare ID to [email protected] and we will send an invoice for what you want to buy with 50 dollars off.

Military and Healthcare worker discounts cannot be combined with any other promotions, sales, or coupons.

q: How will my order be shipped?

All orders are shipped via UPS, FedEx, or USPS. Your order may be shipped in a large box or boxes depending on items purchased. Generally everything will arrive at the same time and some items may be delayed but will arrive within a few days.



q: Do iRocker boards come with a warranty?

Yes our iRocker and Blackfin boards come with a 2 year warranty and Nautical boards with a 1 year warranty. Damage due to misuse or negligence is not covered. Warranty period starts from the date of purchase. You can read more about our warranty here: https://irockersup.com/warranty-information/

q: My pressure gauge is not working – What do I do?

Generally, the pressure gauge will start to register a pressure reading after the board reaches 7 PSI’s which is about 100-120 pumps. Make sure the pressure gauge isn’t loose and that the dial on your pump is not stuck in between settings.

q: Will rocks or sunken objects damage my inflatable iRocker Board?

Suggest: All our boards are made with Military grade PVC and are built to withstand minor impacts to rocks, wood pilings or sunken objects. Caution is recommended when you encounter harsh terrain. Punctures caused by extreme conditions are not covered under warranty.

q: What glue do you recommend for adhering patches?

Marine PVC glue from any local hardware store will work great! We also sell it on our website under “spare parts”

q: What is the wrench inside my repair kit used for?

The wrench included in the repair kit should ONLY be used for leaking valves. Should you hear air escaping around the edge of the valve please ONLY use to tighten by turning clockwise. It should never be used to deflate your board. Improper use of this tool will void the board warranty.

q: Do you have any suggestions for patching a board?

First, cut out a smaller piece of the patch just big enough to cover the hole. We usually use a bottle cap or something like that ends up making a good size patch. Next, Clean the patch and board (area that will get glue) with an alcohol wipe. Allow to dry. Then, apply glue to each side (patch and board) and let the glue sit for a minute to get tacky. Last, Place patch on board over hole and clamp it down (bar clamps or hand clamps work best) for about 12 hrs. You can also use a heavy weight (> 20lbs) if you do not have clamps. That should do it. If your patch is too big, you will have to do little sections at a time (whatever you can compress with weight/clamps), that is why you don't want to use the full patch that comes in the repair kit. As always, if you need further assistance, please let us know!



q: The paddle is angled – Which direction should the “iRocker” logo face when paddling?

Whichever direction makes you happy but it is easier to paddle with the logo facing towards the front of the board. This allows the water to slip more easily past the blade as it moves through the water.

q: How long does it take to inflate an iRocker board?

The iRocker dual chamber triple action hand pump is capable of inflating the board in approximately 5-7 minutes when pumping at a quick and steady pace. Some riders have reported as little as 3.5 minutes and others have reported as much as 10 minutes. The inflation time will depend on the pace you keep when pumping. The dual-chamber hand pump that comes with the iRocker boards reduces pumping time by at least 100% over many single chamber pumps.
The iRocker electric SUP pump sold specifically on the iRocker website is specially adapted to inflate any iRocker board. It connects to a 12V car plug or marine battery and inflates the boards to 15 PSI in approximately 10-12 minutes.

q: Can I keep my board inflated?

Absolutely, we keep our displays and demos inflated for several months at a time and they never lose any air. If you choose to leave the board in direct sunlight for an extended period of time it is recommended that you deflate the board to prevent over-expansion as this is not covered under the warranty.

q: What is the recommended PSI for iRocker boards?

The recommended pressure is 15 PSI. iRocker boards can hold up to 23 PSI however you will not gain much in terms of performance and rigidity by inflating the board over 15 PSI.

q: How do I deflate and roll up my iRocker board?

Start by making sure the valve area is dry so that water does not get inside the board. Press down and hold the valve pin button for 2 seconds under the valve cap the air will rush out loudly for a few seconds so be prepared! Allow the air to escape for a minute or two. Make sure the air valve is left open and start at the nose and roll it as tight and straight as possible. Then once you get to the air valve, you will want to close the valve so that no air gets back into the board, and the put the strap around it. Sometimes it helps to flip the fin section in so that it ends up on the inside of the roll. It should fit into the bag this way just fine. Check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKFqWW9nsnU

q: Winter is here, how do you suggest I store my board?

We recommend storing it completely dry, rolled up in the bag, stored in a location away from the elements such as a garage or shed.

q: Can I travel with the board on top of my car?

No, the inflatable boards are too light, and the wind can cause the PVC to be warped. Travelling with an inflatable board on top of your car will void the boards warranty.

q: Does the paddle float?

Yes! The paddle floats for a good amount of time for you to find it when you lose it but will eventually fill up with water and sink after a few minutes. The foam piece inside the paddle makes it float, and therefore it only floats when the whole paddle is connected.

q: How does the Kayak conversion work?

The handle comes off of your SUP paddle and the kayak blade pops on and it turns into a kayak paddle (a blade on each end)! Watch the video here: https://irockersup.com/irocker-sup-kayak-bundle/

q: How should I clean my board?

Soapy water should do the trick! We also like to use mineral spirits for those tougher stains.



q: Can I bring my dog on board?

Yes! Your dogs’ nails will not pop the PVC and they ride well on almost any of our boards.

q: Which board do you recommend for surfing?

We recommend the Sport board, the 31″ of width and narrow tail reduces drag to a minimum while still maintaining a stable ride.

q: Are iRocker SUPs good for yoga?

Yes, irocker SUPs are rigid enough to enable stability while practicing yoga. They provide just enough cushion to alleviate the strain of pressure points while performing different positions. You will have an effective and comfortable yoga experience. We recommend the iRocker Cruiser or the Blackfin Model X!

q: Can I fit two kayak seats on one board?


q: Which board do you recommend for beginners?

We recommend the iRocker Cruiser or the Blackfin Model X! Nautical is a good option to get used to the sport of paddling and will help you decide which board you will want in the long run!

q: Do I have to wear a lifejacket?

The US Coast Guard requires a PFD to be on board your paddle board since it is considered a vessel. Look up your local water rules here: https://www.uscgboating.org/regulations/state-boating-laws-details.php?id=25&title=%5B4.9%5DLife%20Jackets
Buy our inflatable belt PFD here: https://irockersup.com/product/onyx-m16-inflatable-belt-pack/

q: Which board is best for touring?

The Blackfin Model V!


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